Technical Assistance & Training

APCA provides a variety of services and technical assistance to support members in offering quality, cost-effective care and to operate more efficiently - so they can serve more patients better, for less. The APCA also assists Alaskan communities in accessing federal and state grant funds available for community health centers (CHCs) and provides support and technical assistance to them as they become established and grow.

Types of Individualized Technical Assistance (TA) Provided to Organizational and Associate Members:

1. TA via electronic delivery methods.

2. On-site TA if the CHC/member pays for the travel and per diem.

3. Attendance at CHC Grantee operational site visits upon invitation by the Grantee.  This can be done via electronic delivery or on-site per 1 & 2 above.

4. One-on-one with a single Grantee if the problem is one that is shared by several health centers and that, by working with one center intensively to determine solutions will benefit many health centers. Somewhat like doing a PDSA (small test of change) to see what works and then spread it to others when a solution is discovered.

More information is also available on the TA Tidbits Blog
Contact Patty Linduska, Senior Director of Training & Technical Assistance,
for more information [email protected] or [email protected]